Tethys News: Tethys Offers CBOE and CME Bitcoin Futures on TethysALGO and TethysEMS
December 2017
Tethys Technology announced launch day support both for direct and algorithmic trading of CBOE and CME Bitcoin futures on its TethysALGO and TethysEMS products.  “Due to the tremendous interest from the marketplace, Tethys will be offering Bitcoin futures trading through our TethysEMS and the TethysALGO products,” said Nitin Gambhir, CEO of Tethys Technology.
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Tethys Comment: The Advantages of Tethys Algorithmic Suite
October 2017
Backed by 20 years of micro-structure research and combines robust econometric methods with bounded machine-learning techniques, Tethys routinely customizes the suite behavior to meet clients’ objectives that span maximization of alpha capture, reduction in benchmark tracking variance and bespoke trading and workflow behavior.
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Tethys Comment: Efficient VWAP Benchmark Trading of Small and Mid-cap Equity Securities
December 2016
VWAP is a popular benchmark for institutional trade execution. See how Tethys’ VWAP/PWP algorithms focus simultaneously to deliver improved benchmark performance, while reducing total cost. Click here  for the full report.