Tethys Technology’s TethysEMS is a high-capacity, trade execution system supporting global trading of equities, options, FX and futures. In addition to supporting single orders, lists, and pairs, our multi-asset EMS platform supports broker-neutral algorithmic trading, strategy-based algorithms, and risk management, as well as pre-trade, post-trade and real-time execution analytics. Key features include:

  • Display device with access to a global, multi-asset custom strategy offering
  • Ability to leverage cost structure of fix infrastructure across incremental customer base
  • Broker-neutral, seamless integration to client OMS and in-house systems, quick-to-market hosted implementation
  • Unique capabilities to meet client demands to reduce slippage and hide trading footprint
  • TethysEMS is available globally. Clients can choose a deployed installation or a hosted delivery which we provide in conjunction with our hosting partners
  • Comprehensive pre-trade, real-time and post-trade transaction-cost measurement and benchmarking
  • Unique platform that allows customers access and develop trade-execution strategies optimal for their flow
  • Simulation and testing engine
  • Pre-configured customizable templates for all major strategies
  • Market data available from our partners or integrated seamlessly with provider chosen by customer.
  • Experienced, highly qualified team to help clients tackle the most complex and challenging trade execution

This flexible platform allows virtually any kind of investment or trading strategy to be implemented. These include:

  • Market-neutral trading
  • Pairs trading
  • Program/algorithmic trading
  • ETF and index arbitrage
  • Convertible and risk arbitrage
  • Statistical arbitrage
  • Trend following
  • Machine learning
  • Spread trading
  • Cross-asset and cross-market trading
  • Options strategies
  • Options relative-value trading
  • Options volatility auto-quoting
  • Delta-gamma portfolio management
  • Dispersion
Foreign Exchange
  • Support for all major currency pairs (spot and forwards)
  • Triangulation of Cross-Pair trading
  • Liquidity taker and provider modes
  • Comprehensive transaction cost analysis (TCA)